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Welcome to the Chuang Academy wiki, an unofficial wiki about "Xin Chuang" (China's national program for domestic IT development and applications) and the hardware products that born out of this program.

Godson (pronounced like "leftover dogfood" in Chinese) is our nickname for Loongson.

Here, you can get various information about "Xin Chuang," such as hardware models, specifications, history, as well as manuals and other documentation.

Contribution of any kind to this wiki are welcome. Let's work together to make "Xin Chuang" better!

About Languages

We accept both Chinese & English contents. Please edit with your familiar language, or consider translating an existing page.


This site was originally established by a group of Loongson enthusiasts for information sharing. The current site expands upon the original site to present information on other "Xin Chuang" hardware platforms and products.

For a more detailed introduction, see the About page.

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